Using Captions to Help People Find Your Business



Use of relevant keywords in titles and captions on your Instamonials can help your business be found on search engines.

When creating an Instamonial request, you can easily add a caption to one or more of the photos you include by clicking on the image, and then pressing the “Caption” button. ┬áIt just takes a few seconds to do – but the impact can last much, much longer.

Effective captions provide more than just added details for prospective customers – they can also dramatically improve your visibility in search rankings. By taking a moment to think about how you write your captions, you can make a huge difference in how often your Instamonials are found.

When writing your caption, a good tip is to start by thinking about what people search for online when looking for your business or service. In other words, what keywords would you use to describe the photo (and what words would you like to be found with)?

Here are a few tips on things to consider:

  • Add a location (town, city, community)
    Including the name of the area you serve is always a good idea. People often search for “{product or service} in {town, city, neighbourhood}”.
  • Include specific details like colors, flavors, or materials used
    If you’re describing a countertop you installed, include the color – even better, include the specific color used by the vendor. Instead of “cream granite”, use “Venetian Gold, cream-colored Granite”.
  • Use descriptive differentiators
    Would you call your service urban, traditional or contemporary? Is your service premium or affordable, fast or customized? Artisan or gourmet? All of these can help your Instamonial get found.
  • Include recognizable brands
    Do you pride yourself on using specific brands? Include these too. Instead of saying “Countertop with stainless steel faucet”, include “Acme Granite Countertop with Kohler faucet”.
Using Captions to Help People Find Your Business