How it works


How to Scan Contacts

You can use Instamonial to easily keep track of your customer’s contact information on your phone.

  1. Start with your customer’s contact information on a business card or even handwritten on a piece of paper.
  2. Press “Scan Contact” and take a photo of the contact details.
  3. Press done. You’ll receive an alert when the contact details are transcribed.
  4. Click on the “new contacts” banner to see your new contact, email your customer, or simply save it in your phone contacts.

How to Create an Instamonial™

Instamonials make it easy to share your best work online.

  1. Add your customer’s name and email address. You can do this from your iPhone contacts, type it in manually, or use the contact scanner.
  2. Add photos from your photo album or take new ones with the camera, and press send.
  3. Your customer receives an email with a link to the photos and a review page. No logging in or password is required.
  4. Your customer can now share their Instamonial with their friends online – it’s also posted on your business pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

How to Set Up Social Media Sharing

You can increase your word-of-mouth referrals by automatically sharing your Instamonials on your social networks.

  1. The Word-of-Mouth button on the homepage takes you to a settings page to register your Facebook Page, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.
  2. To set up Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, simply follow the prompts to authorize your account.