5 Creative Ideas for Instamonial Photos



Some examples of images used by businesses for their Instamonials.

We often hear local business owners who complain that they don’t have anything worth photographing for an Instamonial. Well, we’re here to tell you that isn’t true!

Unlike Interior Designers, Home Contractors, and Caterers, not all businesses have an obvious “product” to photograph. However, there are lots of ways to creatively incorporate images in your Instamonial reviews (and help take advantage of the 2.5x boost in sharing that an image gives you!)

Here are a couple of our favorite ideas:

  1. Drop By and Say Hi
    Hand-deliver Christmas gifts to your best customers and take a photo of them receiving it. This is a great time to ask if they’d mind doing an Instamonial too!
  2. Use Your Customer’s Logo (for business customers)
    If you work with business customers, use their logo as an image (you can usually save the logo by visiting the business’ website on your phone, holding your finger over the logo and and selecting “Save Image”.)
  3. Happy Customers Make Great Subjects
    Take a photo of your customer signing paperwork, shaking hands, or just smiling in your office (this works particularly well if you offer professional services).
  4. Community Involvement
    Do you sponsor the local kids hockey or soccer team? Take a photo of the team and ask the coach to complete the Instamonial. For many people, knowing that a business supports the community is a big reason to choose a vendor.
  5. Affiliated Brands or Certifications
    Do you specialize in using particular tools or products? Many people search by big vendor names when looking for local businesses. For example, if you just fixed a Kohler faucet, use the Kohler logo or stock image of the faucet you fixed! If you’ve earned a vendor certification, promoting the “badge” can work here too.

Have you got other ideas for unique ways to incorporate photographs and images in your Instamonials? We want to hear about them!

5 Creative Ideas for Instamonial Photos