3 Ways Local Business Providers Can Show Your Expertise


People are 2.5x more likely to share a photo than a comment alone on social media sites.

Using actual photos of your work and your customers quickly communicates what you do and who you serve.

When you read the websites of many local businesses, most talk about providing great customer service and excellent craftsmanship. So how does a customer know that the local service provider actually offers quality service?

Here are 3 ways that you can show your expertise and stand out from your competitors:

  1. Get customers to talk about your service and expertise through testimonials and reviews.
    You can say over and over again that you are the best in the business, but getting your customers to validate your claims will be more impactful and trustworthy.
  2. Show actual photos of your work and customers.
    While you can use stock photography on your website, using actual photos of your work will give your visitors a better idea of your workmanship. Photos of real customers also makes your business more personable. In addition, add captions to your photos with helpful descriptions and relevant keywords.
  3. Create content that shows your expertise.
    These days, your potential customers are searching online to educate themselves before hiring a local service provider. To show that you know what you are talking about, create articles, FAQs (frequently asked questions) and videos that shows off your knowledge and expertise.

By having the above content on your website, you can differentiate your local business from competitors and showcase your expertise and quality service to potential customers. In addition, you can use the same content to distribute on social media sites and stand out from other local service providers.

3 Ways Local Business Providers Can Show Your Expertise